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What is the best cage for an African Grey parrot?

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Why do you need of bird cage for African Grey?

First of all, you should ask yourself, “Why do I need a cage for my African Grey?” You can’t keep your African Grey in your room or on your shoulder all the time. But it would be best if you could have a moment of free time to yourself, not only for yourself but also providing some personal space for your African Grey. Due to the shear size and strength of African Greys, it would be appropriate to purchase a bird cage that can accommodate them comfortably

Things you need to know before buying a cage for African Grey

African Greys are medium sized birds that are larger than many other household parrots. You will need to plan carefully when deciding on purchasing a bird cage for your African Grey. The most important thing that you should consider before purchasing a bird cage for your African Grey is the cage's internal space. Many animal care experts recommend owners to purchase the largest cage they can afford. However, according to veterinarians and African Grey breeders, a bird cage with a minimum of 20” depth, 36” width, and a minimum height of 40” high is recommended. The bar spacing of the cage should be at least ¾” to 1” inch wide. The above mentioned dimensions are only recommended minimum requirements but you can decide to purchase an even larger size bird cage.

Type of Bird Cage that you can buy for your African Grey

After considering the internal spacing, the next thing to consider about is the shape and material used for this bird cage. There are several bird cages with different shapes and sizes on the market that are available. The most common type of bird cage for African Grey are rectangular shaped bird cages. However, you can also consider a corner or a dome shaped bird cage. You should also take into consideration the material used for all types bird cages. Stainless steel bird cages most commonly recommended by veterinarians and are of far better quality and durability than your traditional powder coated or wrought iron bird cages. 

What should you keep in the cage of your African Grey?

You should always add some perches in the cage, which is the most crucial part of any bird cage. You can add also a cuttlebone or mineral block in the cage which will help your African Grey maintain a good supplement of electrolytes and promote good health. Always have some freshwater available; you can also add some seed or snack in the feeder cup bowls whenever you are not around. African Greys are strong bird and will require a good amount of exercise daily to stay fit, you can add some swings, chewable toys and playful equipments for them to frolic around.

Drawbacks of an improper cage

If the internal space of the bird cage is too small, then your African Grey won't be physically and mentally as comfortable. Kept in such confined environments may lead to aggressive and abnormal behaviors and sickness. A lack of interesting environment in the cage may also have similar effects. Likewise, the lack of food and/or water availability in the bird cage may lead to malnutrition. 

Overall, the most important thing to remember is that African Greys are larger in size and have a higher intelligence than other parrots. African Greys are the most intelligent bird among the parrot family. You will need to provide them with extra facilities to accommodate their size and intelligence.

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