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How to choose the right bird cage for your parrot?

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When it comes to parrot cages, you must remember that there is a quite a degree of information that you need to get hold of. First and foremost, what is the breed of the parrot? This would help you see what kind of parrot cage that you need to purchase. At the end of the day you need to ensure that you get hold of a parrot cage that are the right size. You cannot, for instance, have small cages for big birds.


Become educated on the topic of caring for pet parrots and consider all cage shapes, sizes and construction materials before coming to a final decision. Every bird is going to thrive in a different kind of environment, however, the general rule is this: The bigger, the better.

Finding a parrot cage that provides ample internal space for your particular species of parrot, along with appropriate bar spacing and bar strength, are two of the most important factors when choosing a cage for your parrot.


All in all, what you need to be aware of is why you are looking for a particular parrot cage. There are two reasons; One is that you are looking to transport these magnificent birds while the other is you are hoping to have one as a pet. Whatever the requirement you must ensure that the bird's safety is assured. Well known brands that produces excellent quality and bird safe materials are:



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