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How to properly clean your bird cage?

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Good hygiene is essential for you and your bird’s health. You should make it a routine habit to clean your bird cage often since it will prevent your birds from contracting any diseases and minimize the risk of them getting sick. 


  1. First, you will need to relocate your bird into another bird cage or another room prior to cleaning the inside and the bars of the bird cage.
  2. When cleaning your bird cage and accessories, we recommend using soap or dishwashing liquid and water to wash everything well. You can also use bleach which will additionally help disinfect and remove bacteria that may still be left on the surfaces.
  3. You can use a small brush (that you will only be used to clean those surfaces) to access the difficult to reach areas of the bird cage.
  4. We do not recommend using regular household cleaners or disinfectants to clean your bird cage since the chemicals are harmful to your birds. We recommend using a bird safe, bird cage cleaner which is specifically formulated for cleaning bird cages.
  5. We recommend using a damp cloth or a scrub pad to clean any metal parts or surfaces.
  6. Be sure to keep all metal parts dry once they are washed to prevent loosening of enamel from the paint and causing the exposed metal parts to rust.
  7. Most bird cages have a tray and grate that can be pulled out or can be removed directly from the lower portion of the bird cage to be wash and cleaned thoroughly.
  8. You will need to remove your bird’s droppings dailyYou can check the tray and removing the empty shells and filling with new seeds. Do not let old seeds collect at the bottom. Remove the tray at base of the bird cage where seeds and stools collect. You should clean it thoroughly with water and bleach. Let it soak for a few minutes and then rinse and dry. 
  9. Once the tray is dried, place a tray liner in the tray, which can be removed as needed without having to constantly wash the entire tray. You can get into a habit of placing a bird cage tray liner on the bird cage tray where excrement, feathers, and other dirt collect, so that it would  easily be removed and washed on a regular basis.
  10. The feeder cups and bowls should also be cleaned often and thus preventing dirt or bacteria from accumulating in them. It is recommended to washing the feeders and accessories more frequently than accessories.
  11. The bird accessories that includes toysswingsmirrorsladders should also be cleaned regularly to keep them in perfect condition. Take out all the accessories that needs to be cleaned: swings, mirrors, bars, feeders, bowls, and any object in it. Clean all the accessories well with hot water and mild soap and let it dry well before putting it back into the cage. 
  12. Once you have cleaned all accessories in the cage, you must proceed to clean the bars of the cage.  Dry all the bars with a dry cloth or you can take the cage outside to air dry.
  13. It is imperative that you select an appropriate cage to fit to your bird’s size and species so that they can move around comfortably without any problems. We recommend reading our previous blog on how to choose the right bird cage for birds

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