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Why do stainless steel bird cages have many benefits?

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Stainless steel bird cages have many benefits that you should consider for the new home for your Parrot, Cockatiel, African Grey, Mini Macaw, or other pet birds. While they do cost more than the normal powder-coated bird cages, their many features justify investing in one of these stainless-steel bird cages for the long run. 

The benefits of a stainless-steel bird cage include:

  • Durability - Whereas a powder-coated cage will only last 4-6 years in most cases, stainless steel cages last for a lifetime. Why shop for a new cage every few years when you can buy the most durable, built to last option today.
  • Easy to clean - with just a simple wipe and they can even be pressure-washed without the coating being damaged. Made of 304 medical surgical-grade stainless steel, these cages are inherently resistant to bacteria formation and simple to sterilize. 
  • Safe - Regardless of how bird safe a powder-coated cage can be, it's still not a great idea for a bird to ingest the coating. Over time the powder coating can come off in shards that are not easily digested by birds. Healthy all birds since they are toxicant free.
  • Weather-proof - They are good for outdoor use, especially in humid climates.
  • Resistance - Since there is no paint, flaky coating or chipped off, stainless bird cages and its wires will maintain that new appearance for years to come, they will always look brand new!

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