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Why are larger bird cages better?

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Why are larger bird cages better?

Birds make wonderful pets as they do not need much care and maintenance. Unlike dogs or cats, you can easily keep them inside a cage in your apartment. One of the primary requirements for owning a bird is the provision of an adequate space for living so buy the biggest cage you can find for your bird. There are many large bird cages for sale in most pet shops as well as parakeets, cockatiels and parrot bird cages.


Why buy the right size bird cage?

Birds kept in small cages develop undesirable and unhealthy behaviors like biting, plucking their feathers, psychological disorders, screaming and others. An ideal bird cage size is large and spacious enough for your birds to move and walk around comfortably and have  room to fully extend and flap their wings. Also don't forget to include the extra space for the perches, food and water bowls and toys!


Parakeets Cages

Parakeets, called budgies and budgerigars are like humans for which they love to live in a big house. Being playful and active birds, they need room to fly around. The length is more important than height since they fly horizontally rather than up and down. For parakeet cages, the minimum cage size for a single parakeet is 20 inches long, 18 inches deep and 18 inches wide.


Cockatiels Cages

Bigger than budgies, cockatiels cages are a bit smaller than parrot cages. Being playful and active birds, they must be placed in a large cage to comfortably accommodate their colorful head crest and long tail. The right cage size should be approximately 24 inches long, 18 inches deep and 24 inches wide. The bar spacing for the cage must be ½” or 5/8” and as wide as ¾ “.


Parrot Cages

The key needed for your pet parrot to be happy, healthy and contented is purchasing the perfect parrot cage for them to live in. When choosing a parrot cage, always choose a big one as parrots like to live in a large and spacious cage.


Rules to remember when choosing a bird’s cage:


1. Location and placement - The area should be away from windows and drafts, yet in an active part of your home to encourage your pet's social development.

2. Choosing the right size – The largest cage is always a better buy for your bird pet.

3. Bar spacing – Parakeets and lovebirds are small birds so the bars of their cages should not be more than half-inch apart as they are likely to squeeze through or might become stuck between bars.

4. Shape and style - Angled cages are preferable. Many of these cages can be placed on a stand or hung near a window.

5. Quality and craftsmanship - The best cages are made of stainless steel, which is non-toxic, easy to clean, and will not chip.


Large bird cages will be the right size for your pet bird. Buy the right size parakeets, cockatiels and parrot bird cages. Knowing what’s best for birdies, you now know the kind of cage to choose that meets all your requirements and at the same time provide your bird a secured and durable space to live.

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