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Why do you need a bird cage tray?

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Why do you need a Bird Cage Tray?

  • Trays make it easier to keep your bird’s cage clean.
  • Using trays saves one bending over to get to the floor of larger cages.

What you must think about when getting a Bird Cage Tray?

  • Proper size is the most important factor when choosing a bird tray. A smaller tray will offer some protection, but a tray that is too large will not fit your cage and is useless.
  • A sturdy and seamlessly constructed tray does not leak or crack easily during use.


Many cages that can be obtained for your pet birds include a grate near the bottom of the cage to keep the birds away from the droppings and other litter on the cage floor. Additionally, a slide-out tray is a feature of most of the popular birdcage models. These make it easier to clean the cage by allowing what is essentially the whole cage floor to be easily removed.

This impacts your birds less than having to go in and wash out the bottom of their cage every day. Instead, you simply remove the tray, clean it, and replace it. It can all be done without disturbing your bird at all. Using a removable tray will also save you wear and tear on your back as you don’t have to be bending down into larger cages to get the floor clean.

Cleaning your bird’s cage is a chore. It needs to be done thoroughly and regularly in order to maintain the health of our avian housemates. Inadequate cleaning can lead to the buildup of dust and bacteria that can cause breathing problems and other diseases. Like it or not, cleaning your bird’s cage is a given if you are going to keep a pet bird. 

Pet birds can live for many years and over the course of time, various part of their cages or aviaries can wear out or break. You may have a cage that did not come with a tray but may be able to accommodate one if it was the right size. Here are a couple of options if you are looking for a replacement tray for your birdcage.

Though not specifically designed for bird cages, replacement dog crate pans will do the job if sized correctly. They are available in many sizes and are 1 inch (2.54 cm) high, so may fit in the space vacated by a cages previous tray. The tray is leak-proof and made of durable, odor resistant plastic. If that size works for you then these pans are just what you need to replace your old cage tray. These plastic trays take the hassle out of cage cleanup.

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