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  • What is the best cage for an African Grey parrot?

    The most important thing to remember is that African Greys are larger in size and have a higher intelligence than other parrots. African Greys are the most intelligent bird among the parrot family. You will need to provide them with extra facilities to accommodate their size and intelligence.
  • Why do you need a bird cage tray?

    Many cages that can be obtained for your pet birds include a grate near the bottom of the cage to keep the birds away from the droppings and other litter on the cage floor. Additionally, a slide-out tray is a feature of most of the popular birdcage models. These make it easier to clean the cage by allowing what is essentially the whole cage floor to be easily removed.
  • Can a bird cage be painted?

    The answer to this question usually confuses a lot people as there are many myths and mixed messages created by social media. Either small or large...
  • What to consider when buying a bigger bird cage?

    Whеn shopping for a bird саgе, it iѕ important thаt уоu knоw whаt types are out there. Thе mоѕt соmmоn types оf bird cage ѕtruсturеѕ аrе the dоmе-tор bird cagesbreeding bird cagesflight bird саgеѕрlау-tор bird cages.
  • How to choose the right bird cage?

    One of the fundamental rule of owning a bird is to provide them with a comfortable living space. However, when choosing the perfect bird cage for your feathered friend, there are various models, sizes and colors to take into consideration. Whether you are choosing a ParakeetMini MacawCockatiel or a Parrot cageyou can make the right choice by following these simple rules.
  • Why are larger bird cages better?

    Birds make wonderful pets as they do not need much care and maintenance. Unlike dogs or cats, you can easily keep them inside a cage in your apartment. One of the primary requirements for owning a bird is the provision of an adequate space for living so buy the biggest cage you can find for your bird. There are many large bird cages for sale in most pet shops as well as parakeetscockatiels & parrot bird cages.
  • Why do stainless steel bird cages have many benefits?

    Stainless steel bird cages have many benefits that you should consider for the new home for your Parrot, Cockatiel, African Grey, Mini Macaw, or ot...
  • How to tell if my bird is sick?

    In the wild, displaying any sign of illness is not beneficial to a bird. It is instinctual very important, as a matter of survival, for a bird to d...
  • Why do birds bite?

    Birds rarely bite in the wild and when they do, it is usually for defensive reasons. A bird's first instinct is to flee confrontation except when i...
  • How to understand bird language?

    Learning your bird's language is key to having a productive, respectful relationship with your parrot. Birds can communicate in a variety of ways....
  • Tips on how to train your bird

    Macaws on bicycles, cockatoos raising flags, concures snatching dollar notes from audience members. These are images that often come to mind when t...
  • How to teach your bird to speak?

    Due to their inherent intelligence, parrots have demonstrated the wonderful ability to “learn our language”. Much of this learning is done thru the...