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A&E Cage Company a designer and manufacturer of bird cages and bird toys with over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. A&E Cage Company is family owned and operated, a reputable brand name that is well-known for their high-quality construction of bird cages. Their cages are well-made, but their list price is typically much less than other premium brand names on the market today. A&E Cage Company is also the premier manufacturers of Walk-In Aviaries and Corner Bird Cages in the US.

A&E Cage Company also provides all of the Stainless Steel Cages that we carry. While more expensive than their powder coated counterparts, stainless steel cages make for a great purchase if your budget allows for one. Each stainless-steel cage has a corresponding powder coated copy so that you can compare between the two with an even more exceptional quality of construction.

The paint used on their bird cages has been analyzed and approved by certified avian veterinarians. Their wrought iron and stainless-steel bird cages feature a welded bar design, industrial strength screw-in casters for easy moving and are vet recommended and approved.

Bird lovers and breeders alike will have a variety of products to choose from in the wide selection in terms of size, style, color, material and bar spacing.

A&E Cage Company offers a variety of bird cages to meet the needs of your pet bird, as well as your needs as a beloved bird owner. Take a moment to browse through the cages we have available here online and you will be sure to find exactly the one you are looking for.

We offer everything from Stainless-Steel to Walk-in Aviaries, Dome-Top to Play-TopDouble-stacked to Triple-stacked Breeder Bird Cages and even Corner Bird Cages


We provide an exceptional selection of all A&E Cage Company bird cages available here online. You can trust that A&E bird cages will provide your feathered friend with exactly the environment they need to be healthy and happy. You can't go wrong with purchasing an A&E Cage Company bird cage. Your feathered friend will be thanking you after you come home with a new A&E Cage Company bird cage!

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