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African Grey Parrot Cages

african grey parrot bird cage

 African Greys Parrots, both Congo and Timneh African Greys, are widely considered as one of the most intelligent parrot species in the world. They are capable of learning an astounding vocabulary as well as being amazing mimics.

Because of their high intelligence, African Grey Parrots need plenty of space, stimulation and socialization to avoid being bored, which can often lead to feather picking and other behavioral issues. Because of this, a large bird cage with a minimum width of 32’’ is highly recommended to ensure the optimal environment for your beloved feathered friend.

While other parrot species that are very small or very large size may have limited options, this is simply not the case for African Grey Parrots. The good news is that when shopping for African Greys Parrots, their needs are so flexible when it comes to the variety of African Grey Parrot cages to choose from. You will find that African Grey Parrot cage in any shape, size or style will work for these African Grey Parrots. African Grey Parrots are well-suited to any bird cage style including Play-top, Dome-top, Corner Cages, Stainless Steel and Walk in Aviaries.  

As a proud owner of an African Grey Parrot, you know that your feathered friend have a light grey plumage that isn't as colorful as other species but that does not mean their African Grey Parrot cage can't be colorful.

Our knowledgeable staff have already hand selection a wide selection of African Grey Parrot cages to choose from that is perfectly suitable for any breed of African Grey Parrots. Also consider incorporating some perches, toys and other accessories to keep them happy and healthy.