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Amazon Parrot Cages

Amazon Parrot bird cage

 For the experienced bird owners, Amazon Parrots make wonderful pets with tons of personality. Amazon Parrots are highly intelligent with an amazing vocal ability. Many Amazon Parrots have a remarkable ability to mimic human speech and other sounds. Partly because of this, they make good companions and are popular as pets.

Amazon Parrots thrive when they are encouraged to play and exercise. They are also very social birds and will love to be involved in all family activities around the house. Because of their high energy and intelligence, Amazon Parrots need plenty of space, stimulation and socialization to avoid being bored, which can often lead to feather picking and other behavioral issues.

Because of this, a large bird cage with a minimum width of 32’’ is highly recommended to ensure the perfect environment for your beloved feathered friend. 


Weather you are a owner of a Scaly-naped Amazon, Yellow headed Amazon or a Mealy Amazon, our knowledgeable staff have already hand selected a collection of Amazon cages specifically well-suited for Amazon Parrots of all types so you can shop with confidence. Also consider incorporating some perches, toys and other accessories to keep them happy and healthy.