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Bird Cage Covers

We are offer the best selection of bird cage covers around.  A high-quality bird cage cover is so critical to you bird's well-being and many bird owners are unaware.

A bird's sleep can be easily disturbed by light and noise in your own home. Many birds native to tropical regions (right along the equator) are generally dark for 10-12 hours for the 24-hour day cycle. It is critical that your birds get a minimum of 10 hours of complete darkness each night to get a good night’s rest.

Many birds that seem disgruntled or misbehave can often be the lack of a proper sleep. The easiest way to give your bird the rest they need is by buying a good bird cage cover. 

Our bird cage covers are built to provide the most darkness for your feathered friend. The poly-cotton fabric is non-toxic and allows fresh oxygen to flow freely through the bird cage while providing natural darkness for their living environment. All bird cage covers are made with lightweight poly-cotton blend fabric that is thin, durable and are machine washable (wash on delicate with warm/cold water).

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