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Play Stands

Bird experts know and have been telling bird owners for years that your bird will need a place to play that is away from its cage. Experts say that leaving your bird constantly in its cage can lead to sadness, boredom, stress and obesity.

Your bird need to feel a sense of adventure with the changing the scenery. That's why it's recommended to move your bird around from room to room, around different areas in your house.

You can simulate the freedom of nature with one of these fantastic Java Wood Tree Stands. They are perfect and ideal for out of the cage time. Simply place the recreation center or play stand in the desired room and let your bird hang out with the family while they play, climb and enjoy their favorite foods and toys. The best part about these recreation center and play stand is that there is a built-in base underneath, designed to catch fallen food, water and droppings so you don't have to worry about any mess.


We know you love your pet and want what is best for them, so invest in one of these recreation centers and play stands today and make their life more enjoyable. A recreation center or play stand will keep your feathered friends happy and healthy Buy it here online without leaving your home!