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HQ has been designing and manufacturing high quality pet cages, especially bird cages since 1998. HQ's headquarter campus and factory workshop is spread over a 9 acres which manufactures over 120,000 bird cages per year.

HQ bird cages are celebrated as some of the highest quality economy bird cages on the market. Bird owners everywhere love their bird cages for their solid construction, excellent functionality, countless safety features and affordable prices. Whether you are housing tiny parakeets or enormous Macaws, from small to large cages, HQ has something perfect for you. 

HQ cages strive to provide high quality and pet safety. HQ cages are patented and are sold mainly in Europe and the U.S. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of HQ Cages and offer you the best options available to choose from. See our latest selection of bird cages from HQ cages.


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