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Parakeet Bird Cages

parakeet bird cage parrot birdcage

Parakeets have all the great qualities of the larger parrots; they are active, intelligent and very social birds. But they have a few unique characteristics of their own. They are relatively good at learning new tricks, able to mimic sounds and may soon be able to speak.

Also known as budgies, the Parakeet species are often regarded as the perfect pet. They like interaction with people and enjoy human companionship in general. They can mix very well with children once they get used to them. This is true for other family pets; they will bond to their keepers, but be sure to use caution until you are certain they will get along.

Parakeets also enjoy the companionship of other birds too. A single bird, they tend to become restless or distressed without companionship and may start demonstrating undesirable behaviors such as feather plucking or become depressed. It is best to keep them in pairs or groups.

Because of the active lifestyles, It is ideal to invest in at least a medium sized Parakeet home to give them plenty of space to roam and space for these Parakeets to play with their toys. If your budget and space are constrained, you can choose a smaller Parakeet cage as long as you are willing to allow your Parakeet at least a couple hours a day to play outside their Parakeet Play Top cage.

Parakeets adapt well to captivity and will adjust easily to their new cage or aviary. Because they are smaller parrots, they are generally less expensive than large parrots. They are intelligent little birds and are generally easy to maintain. It's very important to provide your Parakeet with plenty of spaceperches, toys and other accessories to keep them happy and healthy.  


Our knowledgeable staff have already hand selected the perfect collection of Parakeet cages specifically suited for Parakeet Parrots of all types. You can shop with confidence that these Parakeet cage options will keep them healthy and happy.