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Senegal Parrot Cages

senegal parrot bird cage birdcage

Senegal Parrots, also known as Yellow-vented Parrots are African birds and the most popular breed is the Poicephalus Parrot. Senegal Parrots are quite gentle in nature which makes them wonderful pets but their natural playfulness and colorful personality is what makes them fun.

Senegal Parrots are lifelong companions, colorful, comical and yet appropriately quiet for small households, these birds make amazing pets. To call a Senegal Parrot a pet may not be fair, with Senegal lifespans stretching up to fifty years, so they are more like a family member.

As with highly intelligent birds, it is important for Senegal Parrots to have plenty of internal cage space for them to maintain a well stimulated mind and an exercise friendly environment. Senegal Parrots are known for being quite acrobatic so they need plenty of internal space inside their cage to play. Senegal Parrots also need at least an hour of play time each day outside of their cages. Playtop Cage is a great way to keep them entertained or you can also pair them with any of our Play Stands or Recreation Centers.

Senegal Parrots are well-suited to any bird cage style including Play-topDome-topCorner CagesStainless Steel and Walk in Aviaries.  Also consider incorporating some perches, toys and other accessories to keep them happy and healthy.  

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