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My Bird’s House have been in business since 2014. We strives to offer you a large selection of bird cages and bird cage accessories. We carry all types of bird cages in all shapes and sizes, including Parakeet, Cockatiel, African Grey, Macaw and Parrot cages. We carry larger and more specialized bird cages that are not easily found at your local pet and big box retail stores. We stock over 1000 quality items so that we are your one-stop shop for all your pet birds' needs.

We carry brands from Avian AdventuresA&E Cage CoHQ and Prevue Hendryx.  In our opinion, the brands we carry are the only brand name birdcages you should consider buying for your feathered friends. We have carried several other brands of birdcages over the years, and we no longer offer them simply because their products were lacking in quality or the manufacturer wouldn't stand behind their products. If we offer it here, you can assure that we have the best products for your feathered friend.

Our team is made up of trained bird experts (and all-round bird enthusiasts) with over 10 years of experience. We have worked extensively with just about every parrot species out there. From tiny Parrotlets to majestic Hyacinth Macaws and everything in between. Our years of experience include hand raising babies, grooming, training, caring for sick and injured birds and providing people with the information they need to best care for their own pet parrots. 

Over the years, we've found that the single most important element for ensuring a bird's health and overall happiness is their cage. Our mission is to create happy bird owners by creating happy birds. And it all starts with the perfect cage.


My Birds House will provide you with a cage that is:

  1. Perfectly suited to your bird's specific size and species
  2. Built to last a lifetime
  3. Made of Non-Toxic 100% bird safe materials.
  4. A color and style that you will love
  5. We offer a variety of cage sizes 


"Life is better shared with birds."My Bird's House Team

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